How do I convert PDF files?

I want to be able to convert PDF files to either dwg or dxf so I can copy
details that appear in text articles without having to redraw them in CAD.
Does anyone know of any software that will convert PDF to dwg or dxf?
Freeware would be great, shareware next best or even commercial.
Many thanks for any assistance.
Alan (New Zealand)
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Alan McGrath
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Try Cadtranslate from
formatting link
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GhostScript/GSview with PS2Edit module.
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Norbert Grund
Norbert Grund wrote in news:
However, where accuracy/precision is concerned, PDF is a one-way trip. Depends on the type of drawing of course. Sometimes easier to redraw from scaled/written dimensions :-(
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Free "Ghostscript" & "Ghostview" on the web. There are plugins to each to extract DXF output. The extraction will only work if the pdf file was generated from a drawing, (ie vector file) Note: what is extracted is a DXF which when opened is composed of polylines, which have to be exploded. Scaling is apparently in inches, there is only 1 layer, no linewidths, lettering generally becomes drawing objects, dimensions are drawing objects. If there are any known dimensions, you scale the whole lot, and generally get good results.
Regards Rob. Israel Sydney AutoCAD User Group
Alan McGrath wrote:
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Robert Israel

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