Any tips of how to convert PDF file to .DWG format? TIA

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No program to date makes a clean DWG file. The existing conversion programs will make an "attempt" to create a DXF file from a PDF. Attempt is the operative term because a PDF is essentially a picture, not vector lines and text. I have tried several PDF to DXF conversion programs and you still spend a considerable amout of time cleaning the file up. In most cases you are better scanning the PDF to a black and white TIF file, inserting it into your drawing as an image in the backgraound, and then tracing the image using all your layers and linetypes.

Daryl Stockton

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Best bets:

formatting link
for converting from PDF to DXF objects. Scan2CAD for converting sacnned drawings to CAD.

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I just tried a couple of these, and couln't get the scale correct, even when trying to set it in the converter. Waste of time really. I drew it faster than scaning something that is incorrect, or slightly out of scale.


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samurai wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:

There are one or two programs (eg PDF2DXF2, Aide PDF to DXF converter). that will perform a reasonable conversion, provided the original drawing was printed from ACAD or some GIS systems. As observed above, the scale is lost, so you need at least one known dimension to rescale the drawing. Polygon fills, solids, hatches will be a mess but can be deleted. Text gets reproduced as lines so that needs dumping as well, but is readable if large enough.

I regularly convert PDFs containing lot boundaries, services, building footprints from GIS - quicker than waiting for the GIS people to send me a DXF.

One of the above programs sticks shareware-type text on the drawing, but that can be deleted as well.

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If the pdf file is created from a CAD program u can try to use adobe illustrator to convert it back to dwg/dxf format. I only used it once (some months ago) but it worked very nice: it recognized most polylines and some text. Hatches are handled as some kind of groups and can be removed fast in illustrator.

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we are using aide pdf to dxf converter

formatting link
it is a great converter

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