dwg to tiff ?

Looking for a way to convert a dwg file to a tif. Autodesk does this
but the quality of the tiff file is poor and the file size is too big.
any suggestions would be appreciated.
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i would save it as a pdf file.
much higher quality and smaller size.
we have a link to a good free pdf writer in the free section of our web site.
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D. Alan Hooper
Hi, I would love to save this as a pdf file but my client wants me to send them tif files...why i have no idea..when i could supply the dwg files,,but hey that is what the client wants...only it is causing me allot of hastle finding something that can produce a tif file..so any help would be appreciated. thanks again
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HiHo; Save the dwg as a wmf then use Oriens Enhancer GOLD at this site
formatting link
to convert to a tiff. It's free.
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If you have acrobat rel.5 or rel.6 (not acrobat reader!) you can export the pdf file as a tif file!! nimbus
yabba wrote:
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3 solutions
1. get a friend with MicroStation to print it as a tiff (the files are still huge for if you want good resolution) 2. print it and scan it 3. pdf95 (free) print it as a pdf then print as a tiff (still huge)
good luck t.
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Thomas Gnauck
Install a EPS-Plotter from the File Pulldownmenu "add neu printer" in AutoCAD(choose PostSriptLevel1 for example). Than print the file digital as a *.eps-file with the PostScriptLevel-printer. Go to Photoshop and open it. Give the resolution you think is good for you (it comes a dialog-box, everytime you open *.eps in Photoshop.) It takes a couple of minutes.Flatten all to the backgroundlayer. Save it as *.tiff-file with the resolution and quality you wish for.
That's the best way I know. Its unfortunately a pre-condition that you have Photoshop.
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Nadja Sokolova
We use ViewCompanion
formatting link
to convert our hpgl/2 plot files to TIF. Generally they will still be bigger than the plot file even with appropriate compression methods. But that is more a limitation of raster files in general.
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Tim Arheit

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