TIF - why not showen on another workstation

I have a big problem with tiff and autocad.
Can you not insert a tif images in a dwg, copy the dwg and tiff image to
another workstation and expect this one to open it with the tiff
(rasterimage) showen too? i have tryed it more than once and its a problem
almost every time.
And yes the dwg and tiff file is in the same folder before and after.
I have tryed to change the save path to the current tiff images name only
and not the whole destination.This seems to help a little but not something
you can count on. is there not something you can do to kill this problem?
I use autocad 2000 and voloview express.
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I was wondering if there was a quirk with Voloview.
The only two problems I've experienced with images since R14 were path issues, which you've said you verirified, and lack of memory. If your system is low on memory, you'll see a message (fairly easy to miss) telling you the image can't load. Check for that on the problem system.
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Thank you for your time, all though it didnt help me much. You said something about voloview, is it not reliable in this matter? james
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