Not another TOOLBOX question!

AHHHHH! Why is it every time I (or with your help) work one problem out, another problem occurs? I have followed the advice referring to the TOOLBOX, but still have a problem!

At work, I have the toolbox installed onto the C: drive with the default file location. At Home I also have the toolbox installed on the C: drive with the default file location. I have checked the toolbox ini files and they are the same. I am using a standard Ansi metric 8x90mm socket head bolt from the toolbox, at work. I them brought home a assembly with a block of metal with four of these bolts in. I then went to file ,open and checked the references and they were at the same location. I then opened the assembly and ended up with huge big bolts, not the 8x90 mm ones!!

How? what? where? All I want, is it to work, is that really too much to ask?

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The reason it doesn't work is that your Toolbox parts at work have different configurations than the ones at home. Toolbox installs with NO size configurations, so any two installations are going to be incompatible right out of the box.

One thing you can do is to use a "File, Find References" command on the assembly at work, and it will get the Toolbox parts for you and you can bring them home.

You could also make all the screw sizes at home that you have made at work, so it will find the same configs where ever you are.

Or you could make a config of the assembly with the hardware suppressed and work on that one at home.

Or you could build a reliable library yourself and uninstall Toolbox.


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Another trick (if you are using a project/library HDD caddy as I do) is to set up a directory called (say) 'copied toolbox parts' on the caddy and set the 2 toolbox installations to always create copies of used toolbox parts in that drive as seperate configs (toolbox>browser_configuration>browser>document_properties>always create copy, set copy directory as discussed)

Always remember to select 'use existing' when the whinge_box ('A previous copy of part etc etc) appears, otherwise you'll end up with umpteen copies of the same part (they'll be numbered along the lines of PEM CLS-440-1---N-V1 -V2 -V3 etc). This can really screw BOMs up...


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Boy that would really suck if a company had assemblies that were moved between two or more locations.

It is beginning to look like the Toolbox should be viewed like a hardware store. Go in and buy one size of bolt, put it in a bag (copied part) and leave.

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I have started to save the toolbox parts in my assemblies. For example, If I need a SHCS I will insert the fastener into the assembly from the toolbox browser. Next I open that fastener and save it as SHCS in the project directory. Whenever I need another SHCS, I insert the SHCS file from the project directory and not the toolbox. Once SHCS is in the assembly I right click on it and edit the toolbox definition changing it to the correct fastener. If you leave the SHCS that is inserted from the toolbox bare (no configurations), the SHCS in your project will have only the configurations you use for that project. Just my 2 cents.

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