Glad to see that I am third in the postings!! So here is another one. I was looking around the Toolbox and came across a very interesting thing.

Opening the drawing for a socket head hex bolt, the actual hex sketch is controlled by equations, but if you grab one edge you can change the shape of the hex! Being that the lines are coloured Blue, (colored for you Americans out there, no offence intended), they are not constrained. Now for a few questions,

1, Could the fact that a lot of the sketches in Toolbox are not constrained, cause the slowness seen in big assemblies, with Toolbox parts in them?

2, How do I get to the main Toolbox part drawing to constrain these unconstrained sketches, to constrain them?

3, Would this work or will it mess the equations table up?

4, Why doesn't the equations constrain the sketch?

5, On the same line, why can't Sketch Entities, Text, be constrained?

The reason for these questions are, that it is impressed on us SW users, that all sketches are to be fully constrained.

Ps, Many thanks to the posters who put links on this newsgroup, I have learnt many things from these. Ps 2, Happy Pancake Day!, yummy! :-) Pete

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