any way of improving sketch line visibility vs. edges, axes, etc...?

Hello all,

I'm sure I'm not the first to encounter this: when drawing a sketch over a solid, particularly when converting entities, I find it difficult to distinguish clearly between part edges, sketch lines, and planes/axes that are overlapping. I tried using the part shading color for edges/wireframe and that helps (I have the default part color set to gray). Are there other tricks that people use? Is it possible to change sketch line thickness?

Thanks, Mike

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Tools\Sketch Tools\Check Sketch for feature?

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I changed the colors of sketch entities to contrast a little. Unconstrained entities are still blue, but I changed so that constrained entities are dark green. This helps differentiate from dimensions and lines in other sketches.

Another thing I find helpful is to set the sketch optins so that endpoints and centerpoints are visible.

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see recent thread called "Re: Suggestions for preventing edge/sketch entity confusion in SW 2004?" also earlier thread (title included phrase "Paint it white"

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Andrew Troup

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