Suggestions for preventing edge/sketch entity confusion in SW 2004?


I am noticing that in 2004 it is sometimes quite hard to distinguish an edge of a part (particularly when highlighting is on or when using wireframe) from a constrained (black) sketch entity- especially when I convert entities. Besides changing colors, is it possible to change the line widths for either the sketch entities or the edge highlighting? Anyone have any color scheme suggestions for preventing edge/sketch entity confusion?

Thanks, Mike

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it may help to apply same color for wire, hlr & shaded (tools, options, doc properties, colors)

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kenneth b

I've recently hit on assigning a colour for the wireframe edges which is close to the background colour. If, like most users, you tend to use shaded views (which perform faster as well as generally being easier to interpret) this allows you to quickly flip to a wireframe when working with sketches, at which point the solid edges become very understated and easy to differentiate from sketch geometry.

It makes no difference to the colour of edges in normal shaded rendition (provided you set the switch appropriately)

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Andrew Troup

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