Basic Question copying from plane to plane

How do I copy a sketch from one plane to another when the 2nd plane is not parrallel to the first?

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I just tried CTRL-C the sketch, click on the new plane & CTRL-V. Worked just fine.


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Wayne Tiffany

Ctrl drag it from the tree to the plane in the model view. You might have to make your plane visible first. You will most likely loose most of your references.


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Corey Scheich

The copy and paste method (ctrl-c & ctrl-v) is one way. Another way is to use derived sketches. However, don't use derived sketches unless the second sketch will always, always, always match the first sketch.

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Seth Renigar

Select the sketch in the Feature Tree and then Ctrl-Drag it onto the new face/plane. Use Sketch Tools\Modify to move, mirror, or rotate the sketch as needed. Another option is a Derived Sketch if you want the 2nd sketch to be linked to the first.


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There are several ways to influence whether and how dimensions and/or relations get carried across when you copy and paste a sketch

If anyone is interested I can post a summary

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Andrew Troup

OK, I'm interested.

I can always get dimentions to come over with the geometry, but the relations are hit or miss.

Thanks Andrew, Muggs

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I haven't checked this in every version, so your mileage may vary.


Sketches may be in the same part or in different parts

To Copy GEOMETRY only (leaving relations* and dimensions behind) Copy and paste the source sketch icon from feature tree into an existing open destination sketch. (With empty sketch open, click on the source sketch icon, Copy, click in the drawing window and Paste.)

  • Horizontal and vertical relations are an exception: they will be copied

To Copy CONSTRAINED GEOMETRY (taking relations, but leaving dimensions behind)

1) Copy desired entities from open sketch (by dragging a selection rectangle around them) in source part to open sketch in destination part (click in the drawing window and Paste).

To Copy FULLY CONSTRAINED AND DIMENSIONED** GEOMETRY Copy and paste sketch icon from feature tree onto a plane or face in destination part, OR Copy desired entities and dimensions from open sketch (by dragging a selection rectangle around them) in source part to a plane or face in destination part

**NB: dimensions in the source sketch to entities external to that sketch will not be copied

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Andrew Troup

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