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I've modeled a cylinder with several thru holes which are perpendicular to the cylinder and run the length of the cylinder's shaft. I am unable to create centermarks on the thru holes or dimension between any of the thru holes. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can anyone help?


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Stephen C.
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I've seen similar things. The hole through the cylinder would be too hard for the software to analyze, I guess.

One work-around I can think of is to go into the feature tree and `show' the sketch points that you used to create the holes. You should be able to hang dimensions on those????


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yes a problem with most CAD programs that i have used. work around in SWx is to select the edge of the perpendicular thru hole in the drawing and convert entities. this it will allow. then apply the center mark to the sketch entity, which it also allows. since the sketch circle is driven from the edge of the hole it will move with it and so will the center mark. hope this helps.

of note: i also use this same method to constrain section sketch lines to centers of holes. you cannot constrain a sketch in a drawing to a feature but you can to another sketch. convert entities on the hole. select line for section view and the newly created center of the circle and apply a constraint. again if the hole moves the converted sketch entity moves and so does the sketch line used in the section view.

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