Crash when dimensioning holes

I recently posted a message about the crashes we've been having in SW.
The error messages read:
"SolidWorks had terminated due to an unhandled error. Please contact
your local SolidWorks support representative for help in
troubleshooting this problem. Subscription service customers can also
find additional troubleshooting and support resources at
formatting link
The crashes seem to happen randomly but since switching to 05 I (and
others in our department) have found they often happen when
dimensioning holes in a drawing. Has anyone else experienced this
problem and found any solutions?
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We saw it here (along with weld symbol crashes). The new service pack seems to have corrected the issues.
Richard Don't forget to sign up for SolidWorks World
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Richard Doyle
Thanks Richard. I just told our admin about the SP yesterday so hopefully he'll install it soon...
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