Has anyone had a problem upgrading toolbox from 2004 to 2005 SP3? I just upgraded and when I open an assembly with toolbox parts in it I get a message saying "can't find toolbox parts. Do you want to find it"? I say yes and the dialog box finds the file. Now if I save the assembly, close solidworks and re-open the file and I have to go through the same steps.

The toolbox.ini file is pointed to the correct location.

Any help would be great. Right now I'm pretty much screwed.


2005 SP3
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In SW Options, set File Locations "Referenced Documents" path to Toolbox. In SW Options, External References, select Search file locations.

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remy martin


NEVER do an upgrade install. In the entire history of SW, this has never worked without problems like this.

Always do a new install to a different location, and then uninstall the older version (if you don't want it anymore)



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Find your toolbox.ini file on your harddrive, open it in notepad, edit the location of your toolbox installation. Make sure you have solidowrks closed when you do this! Below is the contents of my file!

[Toolbox environment configuration file] Creation=4/15/2005 at 10:39:55 [configuration] ToolboxPartFolder=C:\program files\common files\solidworks data\

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Peter Cram

Since you do not have that many parts yet, you should read Matt Lombard's pdf on usiong or not using) Toolbox.

formatting link

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