Inserting a scale to the standard 3 views (2D)

Hi there,

I have currently automated the process of creating the standard 3 views (2D)from a 3D model - for a large number of parts using the API.

I want to be able to insert a scale (x and y axis) to the blank drawing sheet.

I have created a scale on a number of different sized sheets, but it doesn't work for very large parts. Is there any way I can create the projections (1:1) of any size part on a blank sheet and import a scale to fit using the API?

Thank you Emma Curtis

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Well yes, I suppose.

You will have to get the bounding box of the 3 views and figure out the optimal scale that will fit on your sheet in both directions which ever scale is smaller is the one you need to use. Solidworks does this already by itself it is just that it always seems to go about half of the size I want. I don't know if there is really a catch all solution for this there is definitely room for improvement.

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