Featureworks error after swbrowser.mdb changes,


We have recently been working to update the toolbox in solidworks with all of our standard bolt sizes, since the ones we use are different to those in Solidworks.

New parts were created in a new folder called TEST, which was essentially an EXACT copy of the original toolbox root folder, including a new copy of the swbrowser.mdb file.

The new parts were created by copying an existing toolbox part, and adding it to the toolbox using Toolbox->Add My Parts Wizard.

To regain the configurations that these parts originally had, the relevant CFG_ and DATA_ tables were then copied within the swbrowser.mdb file in the toolbox directory, renamed, and the details in the _CFG tables were updated to show the new table names.

This gives the toolbox parts back the configurations that they had when they were originally SW toolbox parts and I am a happy chappy, however....

When the toolbox.ini file on a machine is altered to point towards the new folder location FeatureWorks throws an error: (FeatureWorks Add-In must be enabled)

"Solidworks database is missing.Complete functionality will not be available."

This error then won't clear itself, even if the toolbox .ini is pointed back towards the original toolbox location and SWX has to be repaired using the CD's.

I have the feeling that this is a bug somewhere deeper in the programming of solidworks than it is possible for me to get to but if anyone has any other ideas on how the toolbox and featureworks could be linked and how this problem might be fixed, I would be most appreciative.

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