Toolbox Automation

I have started an effort to migrate our company from autocad to
solidworks finally!
Currently we have a .xls list of fastener part numbers that we use for
design, as well as ordering. This list comes from our Inventory
managment system.
My question is really is there a good way to assign all the existing pn
to the new toolbox? The wizard is great for new data, but for the
initial several hundred part numbers it will take a long time. I have
found the import and export options, but they do not appear to have
custom properties (material and finish) listed on the file it exports.
Does anyone else out there have any ideas for this problem?
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As a new Toolbox user, you really really need to read Matt's rule of thumb section for toolbox.
formatting link
As for adding all the correct custom properties values to all the Toolbox parts, that was _one_ of the things that stopped us from using Toolbox. There is a way now (I think) to do it involving creating all the possible configurations up front in one file for each part. Then you add a design table to each part, allowing it to automatically populate with all the configurations. Within the design table you can add the custom properties. If I have that wrong, I hope someone will corect me.
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Dale Dunn
Our company is in a similar position. We have a list of Fastenal part #'s that we want to apply to the toolbox parts.
Dale's right about the need to read Matt's Rule of thumb about toolbox.
Right now we are considering: 1) use one seat of toolbox to create a base bolt with different sizes and lengths and then add a design table. 2) buy everyone (8) seats of toolbox and add Fastenal numbers to each part, one at a time. (the only way I believe.)
We're not sure which will cost the company less and which will be able to be used for better SW models.
I'm leaning towards the design table and their base bolt. The basic steps are: Create temporary assembly, Drag toolbox bolts straight in, (not RMB-Create Part) Select wide ranging configurations RMB on bolt in assembly-Open Part Save Bolt in library Add Design Table.
Does anyone have some base parts with design tables that they would be willing to share?
I hope this helps, even though the news isn't good/easy.
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Blair Sutton
Thanks Dale and Blair. I wish the VAR would have made this more clear prior to purchasing it. I'm also glad to see that other companies are having some of the same issues.
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One solution is to add the values to the database that SolidWorks uses to generate the Toolbox parts. I have done this for many of our customers. You could try it, but your VAR is a better resource for making this modification.
Let me know, I can send you a PDF with instructions on how to make this manual edit.
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You threw it out there, so I'm going to ask... Can I get the PDF instructions?
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Seth Renigar

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