how to assign part numbers to screws from toolbox?

I use the toolbox to drop in stuff like M3x6mm panhead screws into assemblies. I'd like to include them in the BOM for the assembly, how can I assign my own part numbers to them?


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One at a time as you use them is the only answer I found when I evaluated TB.

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Dale Dunn

I had been fighting the same problem. I figured I could change all the toolbox files to our company's part number and dash. But that sounded like a lot of work.

The closest swx tool for this task I came across was using the smart fastener. You can right click the fastener and select Property. In the dialog box there is a space for description where you can Add your part number and description. However, I always get a message stating the toolbox files are read-only. There are a couple of settings in the Tools>Option that you have to adjust for this to work. Both of them have to do with read/write access to toolbox files. Our reseller's fix did not work for us. Later, the Smart Fastener was blamed for slowing down the computers, so we are not allowed to use it in our models anymore. I believe it is worth a try.

Good luck,


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