Sheet Metal can't flatten bevelled edges


Due to the success I had last time I posted a problem I've decided to try out the knowledge base again.

My problem is this, I'm trying to produce a cutting profile for a hollow aerofoil section that we use on industrial fans.

When I place the formed sheetmetal aerofoil part at the correct angle then create a conical shroud to cut it, it produces the blade profile however it now wont flatten and comes up with the message saying that it cant flatten bevelled edges can anyone please help to get around this problem I would be happy to cheat the profile to display the profile with right angle edges if someone could tell me how to do this.

I can email you the file as it will help to show what I mean as my description above is sadly lacking. Just delete the REMOVE from my email address above and send me a request.

Please help


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Solidworks cannot develope splined curved flanges, only straight flanges. I have been contacted by Solidworks and have provided information for the developement of an 'aerospace' sheet metal package, hopefully this will be implemented. In the mean time, flatten a straight flange, measure the flattened flange width and apply this dimension as an offset to the spline.

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