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I've just upgraded from 2004sp0 to 2004sp5 and when I open certain assemblies I now cannot display "shaded with edges" - the button is greyed out (and also the menu option). All the other display options are available.

If open other assemblies the button works again, but not when I revert back to the "problem" assembly.

If I open this assy on another pc still on sp0 then it works fine. I've also tried doing a "save as", to no avail.

Any suggestions? Regards, John Harland

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John H
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Since talking to my reseller, it seems the problem is occurring when a big assembly opens in "large assembly mode" (LAM).

However, no matter what settings I choose to try to stop it using LAM, it just seems to ignore them.

If I change my setup options to force it to use "shaded with edges" all the time then it displays OK, but this is a workaround rather than a solution.

My reseller thinks it's due to a fault in the upgrade to 2004sp5. Has anyone else had similar issues to this? Would reverting back to sp0 and then reinstalling sp5 be likely to help?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

John Harland

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John H

I can't comment specifically about 2004, since I haven't used that version of SolidWorks for a long time; however, the cause might be due to the need (with Large Assembly Mode active) for the displayed components to be manually set to resolved from their lightweight default.

In 2006, for example, when a virtual section view is made of an assembly (previously shown shaded with edges) the edges disappear until lightweight is changed to resolved...

Note - the behavior could be related to the computer's graphics card and/or drivers. I've seen cases where, even though the card and drivers haven't changed, a newer version of SolidWorks will suddenly spawn graphic quirks.

Per O. Hoel

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John H,

time then it displays OK, but this is a workaround rather than a solution.

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Tin Man

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