CSWP Exam @ SW2006 World, Did you pass, why did you take it?

Just a thread to find out who out there took the CSWP exam and why?
Also did you pass? Any comments?
For me, I have been using SW now for over 5 years and this was the
first time I have attended SW World. Since they were offering more than
half off to take the exam, I had thought this would be a good time to
take it to see if I really could handle the SW challenges that they
themselves would throw at me. I often trouble shot models at my company
and am the first to help anyone with the "how do I do this" question.
Sometimes I even think I may be a little ahead of my tech support,
because most of the time when I call them, which is rare, they can't
figure out what I am doing or say its not possible, or I will have to
call you back on that one.
But anyway, I finished the test 3 hours early, you have from 8 to 5,
there were people finishing it by lunch and about 10 others finished
before me. Like I said, I guess I took it to see if I was really good
by my standard or SW's, and apparently, SW thought I was good also,
because I passed! It was very exiting to read that.
A few comments, I heard most people fail in general, but it looked like
that most people at SW World passed, were there a lot retaking it? Or
do most at SW World pass and everywhere else they are failing it? Also,
the part of the test that dealt with modeling, where I got points
deducted, I thought I had them right. I mean, in my mind, I thought,
"well, I did that" but of course, since there is 100 different ways to
stuff in solidworks, they way I did it apparently didn't hold well to
the design intent of the model even though I tested it to do so. I may
be emailing the proctor back to ask exactly what was wrong on some,
because I know on some for sure I did do exactly what I was told and I
checked it. It seems that on some questions about the model, it boils
down to a matter of interpretation. I don't know if it's a big deal
since I passed but a higher score would be even nicer, don't you
think? In the end, for anyone who is going to take it, take your time,
go back, once, twice, three times, if you have 2 hours left, go back a
forth time, test every question regarding the design intent on the
model. Check them off one by one, make sure you understand clearly what
is being asked, I should have asked some questions on some of the
modeling but I wasn't sure if that was allowed, I am sure it would
have been ok to make sure you understand what is being asked of you. It
was a fun time, and passing the test the first day made it a much
better experience!
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Joe Sloppy
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I also took the exam, and have yet to get my results via email. I did all the things you described like excersizing them to reflect the design intent and such. I felt extremely comfortable with my test. On the advice os a few people from Solidworks, I sent them an email in regards to my situation, and hope to hear back from them next week once they all get back from Vegas. Congrats on passing.
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I took the exam as well and also have not received my results.... hmmm. Who did you send an email to about that?
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Sadly, I had to take the test twice to pass. Both times, however, I had points deducted from the modeling side that I thought was bunk. I, too, tested it before submitting and was quite sure that I'd met all the criteria. The last time I was all but positive. As the test is graded by a computer, I wonder if there isn't a glitch in the program...
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First off - congrats to all of those that passed the test. The year I took it, we had something like 23 people take it and 10 passed. Did all of you go to the CSWP event Monday night?
But, why didn't all of you come to the user group meeting so I could meet you?? :-)
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Wayne Tiffany
Try emailing: snipped-for-privacy@solidworks.com
Thats whats listed on the Solidworks site.
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Wayne, I didn't know about the user group meeting?! Next time.... and yes I did go to the cswp event on Monday. It was pretty fun.
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I ran into this also. In fact I met my proctor at SWW and he always makes a comment on how I did the problems. The issue on how you model design intent is interesting. It shows that sometimes the "right" way to model something just isn't communicated very well to customers. So the customer uses trial and error to find a solution and either finds a better solution or a kludge. The VARs are supposed to be keeping customers up to speed on the right way, but this costs money and customers aren't willing to pay for retraining with every release.
And finally, if you have ever had to write a test and give it you will know how hard it is. What is perfectly clear to the tester may come across clear as mud to the student. Anyway, congrats and glad to see you learned something new from the test. That alone would be worth the price of admission.
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