HLR Shaded with edges mode in SWKS 2004

I've really grown accustomed to (almost dependent upon) the display of parts and assemblies with HLR edges shown on shaded models.

In 2004, unfortunately, those HLR edges appear far too "fat" for my taste.

I haven't changed display resolution in going from 2003 to 2004.

1024x768 with 32-bit true color has been the norm.

During pans, zooms and rotations, the HLR edges are displayed much "thinner" and I just wish they would not "bloat" when the screen movement ends.

If there exists an option setting for the control of the HLR edge resolution, please share it with me.

The fine line empasis upon the edges of faces on shaded parts in earlier versions of SolidWorks imparts a clean, professional look.

I'm actually dreading a full-time transition to 2004 because of the cartoon like character of the HLR edges.

Per O. Hoel

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Per O. Hoel
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Per, Initially I didn't like the new display either. After working with it for many weeks, it's grown on me. In fact, when I revert to shaded without HLR, I don't seem to see the models as well. Don't dread...you may end up liking it.


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Richard Doyle

Sounds like you've got Anti-aliasing turned on:

Options>System Options>Display/Selection> uncheck Anti-alias edges


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Jim Landecker


I don't know of a setting that makes the lines skinny, but I usually turn off the option Tools, Options, Colors, Use specified color for Shaded With Edges mode. The lines aren't actually any smaller, but it looks less cartoony when the edges are not black. Plus, I think it helps you distinguish edges of adjacent parts.


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