Error: display mode keeps changing to "shaded"

Hi all,

I am having a very frustrating problem with SolidWorks (2009 SP2.0, but it's been a problem since 2008). Every time I do anything - add a feature, sketch, roll back or forward etc... - the display style switches to "shaded". It wouldn't bother me so much if it were changed to ANYTHING else, because the shaded view in SolidWorks is what I loathe above all else in this universe. Not only is it impossible to distinguish what the part/assembly actually looks like, let alone see any of its faces, edges, or features, or even tell its orientation, in this mode, but I also just find it an abomination to look at. Furthermore, I cannot use the heads-up toolbar to quickly change the display mode back to something that does not make me want to gouge my eyes out with a pocket protector, because nothing happens when I do this. So, I have to go to the tree, select the body(ies), right-click -

display -> (anything but shaded) EVERY EIGHT SECONDS. SolidWorks and

my "VA"R just shrug, scratch their heads, and say "we've never heard of that before", and I have scoured newsgroups searching for this problem, all to no avail.

Has anybody else had this problem (and been able to fix it)? If so, can you *please* help me, before I end up in the eleven o'clock news for all the wrong reasons?

Cheers, and have a nice day :D

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I've seen things like this for individual parts, but not a whole assembly. Do you have configurations in parts or in the assembly?


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display -> (anything but shaded) EVERY EIGHT SECONDS. SolidWorks and

I would say that the Large Assembly Mode has given me a greater amount of grief in this. I have had the thing inexplicably "lose" all the edges periodically, which might be what you are describing? This seems to happen after a large rebuild and save on larger models. I have chalked my issues up to my GPU - which is giving me fits right now...

Things that have helped: Restarts, closing windows that I don't need, deccelerating the hardware (keeping my graphics cooler). I have found that my laptop doesn't cool itself well enough to run these larger models consistently all day and my graphics is suffering. It might be entirely different issues, but for whatever that might be worth...

I don't know if that helps anything, but maybe something to consider?

Cheers, Ryan

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Hi D,

your wrote that you can adress this problem since useing SW 2008. So it might be connected to the "new" handling of materials in Photoworks. There are several settings you should check.

E.g. switch off -> "Display PhotoWorks Appearances in SolidWorks Open GL

If you do not use PW at all -> try to turn off PhotoWorks in -> Add ins

There are still some more settings connected to new PW-material handling that I do not remember anymore. -> Since 2008 Textures / Materials are now called "Appearance" and are close connected to this crabby tech called "Realview" So please check this, too.

Good luck & regards


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Jo Zi

It is not a particular part or assembly that I'm having this problem with, but every part or assembly, and whether there are configurations or not.

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Thanks for your suggestions, but I've tried all of those things, to no avail. I thought of GPU as well, because I had been having other problems, but the new (and very expensive) video card made matters worse.

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heck this, too.

Thanks for the tips. I don't have Photoworks load during start-up, if that's what you mean. I'm not sure what you mean by turning off "display photoworks appearances". Is that in the system options? Or is it something that's only available when you open the program in Open GL mode?



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