Display State- components changing randomly!

Has anyone seen stuff change display modes suddenly in inactive display states? I've got 10 display states, each with most items in Hidden Lines Removed, but a few relevant components in shaded mode. Switching between display states lets you see different sets of things in full Shaded with Edges modes while the others are sort of wireframe (but HLR = better)- SWEET!

However, sometimes, switching to a different display state shows that a whole bunch of items are back to Shaded with Edges! At first I thought it was related to right clicking/changing display mode there vs. using the pulldowns, where you can say "Active Configuration". But now I'm convinced that I've seen it happen just out of the blue when switching modes! I'm not sure I can duplicate it to turn it in to my VAR in a useful manner, but it'd be nice to know I'm not going crazy...?


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Kevin Silbert
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