Please help me!

When I try to render, every-so-often it renders the model grey even though I choose different materials/colors.

I select in the material icon then choose the material I want. In the preview window the model still stays grey or dark.

What am I doing wrong?

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J Parr
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Check your Photoworks Options.

Make sure the "Overwrite Solidworks properties" box is un-checked in the Systems Options menu.

Per the Help file:

Overwrite SolidWorks properties - Select this option to overwrite the material properties of the SolidWorks model with the properties of the PhotoWorks material. When this option is cleared, the SolidWorks material properties are unaffected by the PhotoWorks materials.

For example, if you select the check box and select a Green Metallic Paint material, your model turns green.

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Check your PhotoWorks Options.

Make sure the "Use SolidWorks materials" box is unchecked on the Systems Options menu.

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