Please help me

Hi every one
Im looking for a very good topic for my final MS. project in the field
Adaptive Robot Control or Robust Adaptive robot control
Your comments and reply are warmly welcome
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How about just having one operate on legs that can walk up and down a curved flight of stairs?
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Herman Family
Do you have a thesis adviser yet? Is he/she helping out on this?
I got incredibly lucky with my master's thesis adviser. I needed both a topic and an adviser, so I wandered around the department, sticking my head into offices and stating "I'm looking for a thesis topic -- do you have anything you need done?" I don't know if I got the World's Best Adviser, but I certainly got a good one (and I got an excellent grade, too).
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Tim Wescott
Just a note: "Please Help Me" is about as vague as it gets. 90% of all newsgroup postings are "Help Me" posts; you post should have been titled "Looking for Robot Project" or "Looking for Project in Adaptive Control" or some such.
Good luck!
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Tim Wescott

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