help me!

Hello guys!
I'm studying in under graduation level, and I'm working in my final
thus I need a low data rate power line modem to be suitable for
building appliances monitoring and control through micro-controllers ,
and also want to make a computer interface as a human interface which
can access the system from any outlet plug, I had studied this idea
and it has seemed economically feasible. I want experience engineers
to help me in finding a low cost and efficient and reliable modem to
construct my building control network!
please reply as fast as possible!
your brother>> superior..
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The general idea is that *you* should be doing the work, surely?
Having studied it to the point of coming to the conclusion that it seems economically feasible, you must have costed it, so must have at least some idea of the building blocks needed and a rough idea of their design and cost.
However, very many experienced engineers have spent a lot of time thinking about this and, you will be pleased to know, publishing designs and specifications. I suggest that you start with
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(industry_standard) -- Sue
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Hi brother Sue! I had searched deeply about the application of power line comm. in home control, and find it is possible to do that, but my problem is that I can't find a suitable low data rate modem (about such Kbps), to be suitable for the microcontroller communication speed, and also i want it to be as module to impact it in my circuit easily, also it is better to be serially communicate with my controller and my monitoring part (PC) (Like RS232 with hand shaking. I regard all!
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