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In building my last layout, (N scale), I started buying box cars, tankers, cattle cars, etc without a thought to standardization. What a mish-mash of coupler styles, some not even compatible with the others. The chance of my retro-fitting operating couplers with my 77 year old eyes? ZERO!

Now, for my new G&D, a 4 x 8 (HO scale), I should like recommendations for a RELIABLE BRAND of rolling stock with OPERATING couplers. I shall stick to ONLY that brand-type, which will hopefullypreclude the chance of my ever having to go bleary-eyed trying to deal wth couplers. I understand that I will still have to repair and adjust but am willing to suffer that.

I just purchased an Atlas S2 diesel and the anticipation is killing me! Will I have to retrofit operating couplers? Will any operating couple be so compatible? I guess I should wait until I make a choice of coupers before even thinking of retrofitting.

I shudder to think where I would be without you guys and gals to help!! I live out with the coyotes and it's a long journey to the nearest hobby shop, and I know they soon will tire of my questions.

Mike Picture Rocks, AZ

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Michael P Gabriel
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Hello Mike Contact me at Papastrains.com


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Dear Mike, Even the horn-hook couplers are theoretically able to operate automatically. The last few Athearn cars I bought had plastic knuckle couplers. They work fine. Just pick up cheap MDC or Athearn cars and put Kadees on them. MDC are a little nicer because their pocket lids screw on. I wish they came with machine screws, though, instead of sheet metal screws.

Cordially yours, Gerard P.

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Gerard Pawlowski

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