Shinohara N scale track

How does Shinohara track and switches compare to others--N scale?

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It is old technology. Back in its day it was considered excellent quality track. Nowadays, I would go for Atlas Code 55 or Micro Engineering code 55.

If rail size and tie spacing is not too important then IMO Peco code

55 or code 70 is a very durable and reliable track.

Shinohara only makes electro-frog switches so you have means to switch polarity of the frog to make them reliable (not depend on switch points for electrical contact). The track cross-section is also bit odd and IIRC there are odd size (smaller than Atlas code 70 but taller than code 55). Switches also seem to have wide flangeways.

These observations are from what I recall when I handled those (several years ago). Maybe you'll get a better reply from someone who is actually using that track.


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