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Once a model railroader many years ago, but haven't done anything since 1991. I am trying to resurrect an N scale train set from 20+ years ago for my grandson. It was a simple layout oval in oval with 4 turnouts. I am having a difficult time with the track as I have lost a lot of my central vision in both eyes and my visual aids either are not strong enough or require an extra hand to use while connecting these track sections, and my grandson is not old enogh to do it for me as of yet. While at the local model shop, the owner showed me some Bachman ez track and suggested I usae this type for ease.

I know nothing about this track, so I am asking for opinions - have you used it, what problems will I have in fastening it to the boadr, etc ?

Any and all replies are much appreciated.

Jungle Jim Jim Thompson snipped-for-privacy@woh.rr.com

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I understand it's quite well engineered. Make sure you get Nickel Silver rail with the grey base.

I would suggest you sell the N gauge and move to a bigger scale - probably G / Large scale. Given your eyesight problems I'd suggest buying the better quality of LGB where everything works straight out of the box rather than Bachmann which can usually be made to work after a bit of fiddling and readjustment. The cost will be higher but you will get your moneys worth which you may well not with N scale or cheaper products.

Regards, Greg.P.

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If you're going to use sectional track, I'd go with Kato rather than Bachman. The Kato looks better, makes better electrical contact, and has a wider selection of pieces.

-- Bill McC.

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Bill McCutcheon

Bachmann EZ track is junk.

Kato Unitrack is similar (track on roadbed) but of nearly infinite better quality, far more durable, and available in a wide range of track types. It stands up very well to repeated assembly/disassembly. There are quote a few N scalers whose home layouts are entirely made up of Kato Unitrack.

Yes, the Kato track is a bit more expensive. This is a very pronounced case of "You get what you pay for." Kato track would be cheap for the quality at half again the price.

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Joe Ellis


You should be ok with either Bachmann EZ Track or better still Kato.

"N Scale Model Railroad That Grows: Step-By-Step Instructions for Building Your First N Scale Layout" (Model Railroader) is a popular book that both you and your grandson will enjoy and it has step-by-step instructions for building your N scale model railroad. Ninety-six pages including over 200 photos and illustrations:

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Good luck with your railroad. I'm sure you and your grandson will derive a lot of pleasure from it.

Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:

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History of N Scale:
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to 1,200 sites:
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