disassembly of Atlas N scale locos

I have an Atlas N scale road diesel about a year old. It ran great for many months. It has become erratic lately, and since it runs in a dusty environment, I strongly suspect dust and lint in the mechanics and gear train. Taking the body off and using some computer blow-out stuff should help, I think.

But how to disassemble this little guy is not so obvious. Is there are website with instructions, or a patient model railroader willing to describe the procedure? I am a decent mechanic, but with no visible screws that I can see, I don't know where to start prying, etc????


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which model most atlas unit the fuel tank comes off and you gently pull out the sides of the body and the shell slides off. watch the handrails as they are clipped into the cab and a separate piece.

OF course I have yet to figure out how to get a Trainmaster shell off.

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It's been my experience with Atlas N-scale engines that you first start by very carefully prying the cab section off -- spread the sides away from the central part of the hood. Then you carefully pry the hood from the walkway section -- they are usually held in place by some "lugs" either at the end or sides of the carbody. Then carefully remove the walkway section.

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Steve Hoskins

If the model is one of their newer ones, the body should be just a snug fit over the chassis. Pull the fuel tank cover off for a better grip, then gently but firmly pull the body up and away from the frame.

Look at the bronze pick up strips to see how they are mounted, in case one pops out.

There is a screw at each end of the frame, holding the halves together. Loosening these will allow the trucks to drop out. Check them out completely for any gunk build up.

Loosen the screws completely and you can separate the frame to get at the motor. Mark the top of the motor so you put it back correctly, and look at how the shaft support blocks sit in the frame. The motor frame just pops out of the metal frames. When you reassemble, make sure the small lugs that hold the motor in place are seated snugly through the frame holes. If not, the motor won't seat right and the loco won't run well.

Hope this helps.


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Jim Flynn

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