CSX has followed UP...

Yup, we knew it wouldn't be long.
Here are the details from the railway preservation network.
CSX Joins UP ( Heralds )
I found this very interesting. They have 2 forms for you to fill out
Here is a small part of it.
USE: FOR-Profit manufacturers, sellers and distributors of model train
equipment and ancillary materials; apparel; memorabilia; house-hold
and decorative items.
Licensed Mark(s) - "the Mark(s)":
___Atlantic Coast Line ___Clinchfield Railroad
___Baltimore & Ohio ___Chessie Systems
___Chesapeake and Ohio ___CSX Transportation
___Louisville & Nashville ___New York Central
___Seaboard Air Line ___Seaboard Coast Line
___CSX Corporation ___Western Maryland
Licensed Use:
__Model trains __Model train lay-outs or decals __Apparel __Art or
__Movie __Other (specify)
Licensee Name:_____________________________________("Licensee")
Contact Name:_________________________________________
Date: ____________________________
Once executed by Licensee and the appropriate CSX entity with rights
in the mark(s) ("CSX" or "Licensor"), this document constitutes a
limited, non-exclusive, License to reproduce the Mark(s) for the use
indicated above, in consideration of Licensee's acceptance of the
following conditions:
1.1 Scope. Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a non-exclusive,
non-assignable License to use the Mark(s) specified above in
connection with manufacture, promotion and sales of the Merchandise in
compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
1.2 Contract Manufacture. If Licensee wishes to enter into a
sub-contract for the production of the Merchandise, or a marketing
firm for promotional materials or other items bearing the Marks,
Licensee shall ensure that any such contractor comply Article 6 of
this Agreement.
2. FEE: This License will not be executed by CSX until the License fee
is received, in the amount corresponding to licensed units and number
of marks:
Units 0-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 500+*
1 mark $100 $175 $250 $325 $400 TBD
2-5 marks $150 $200 $325 $400 $450 TBD
6+ marks $175 $250 $400 $450 $500 TBD
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who is "chamachoochoo" and why would they be hosting the pages? There's nothing on CSX's website yet, that I can find anyway.
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Actually, it's more like the other way around, as CSX has been doing this since the mid-1980's and it's UP that has followed suit. However, I should point out that CSX in the past has only asked for a $1 per year licensing fee, AFAIK.
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Pac Man
Supporters of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad (volunteers there actually (as far as I know)) This guy is hosting the pages as a way for the rypn folks to see the info. I believe this person also handles the shop updates for the work thats being done there on the C&T premises.
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It looks to me to be more than a dollar but then we might as well get used to it as all the roads will be doing this. Just the way life is now days Marty Hall
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Marty Hall
Who the hell cares what the shithouse US roads do. So CSX follows the UP, so what. They will all follow suit before long. Fuck the US roads, for that matter, fuck the US and you can throw Canada in that too. If you had any brains in those countries you would all model, or shall I say attempt to model, free lance roads and then you wouldn't have to pay any greedy fees.
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Mark Newton
To All: I think I would put it in better language: ERASE ALL MARKINGS AND GO GENERIC!!
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John Boyle
A) Create your own named line and custom decal it.
B) Pick a line that was so short and absorbed into two thers before it got to the CP that no one cares about it's licencing.
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CSX Trademark Licensing Program
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Mark Mathu
It was free for my (non-profit) web sites...
Jeff Sc. Protected, Ga.
Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.
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Jeff Sc.
yea it is now. It wasn't when I originally posted though ;^)
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I'd rather pay the licensing fee and have prototype cars.
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Mark Mathu
Since we do model railroads, maybe following Lionel's example (Lionel Lines) might be a good idea. How about Gorre and Daphetid, Alleghany Midland, V&O, Ohio Southern, etc cars pulled by your private road motive power -- perhaps a war bonnet Tucumcari Alco A-B-B-A unit. Or, in my case, a Virginia Tidewater and Piedmont 2-6-6-6. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB
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"Skinny Dipping and Other Stories" On the web at
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and look for "Into Joy From Sadness" soon.
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