Test (indulge me, I'm a regular)

I'm trying something. I'm using a diferent identity for news with a spamproofed email address.

I changed ISPs a while back ('bout two months ago) and now I'm starting to get spam again. Whenever I give an address to a website or anywhere else now, I give a juno or yahoo address, so the only place the spammers can be getting my real address if probably newsgroups.

Therefore, I've created a seperate "Identity" in Outlook Express just for NGs. I'll still use my normal name, but the incoming email field is spamproofed.

Somebody do me a favor...

Reply (or at least try to reply) to this message directly ("Reply To Sender") and see what happens. Then come back and post here the results.

Thanks in advance,


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Bob DeWeese, CML
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last one. testing sig file

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Bob DeWeese, CML

Then come back and post here the results.

RESULTS: Kicked back.

The original message was received at Mon, 25 Aug 2003 15:42:34 -0400 (EDT) from ngpost-m1.news.aol.com []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- snipped-for-privacy@forme.com

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The original message was received at Mon, 25 Aug 2003 19:52:18 -0500 from []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- snipped-for-privacy@forme.com (reason: 550 Host unknown)

----- Transcript of session follows -----

550 5.1.2 snipped-for-privacy@forme.com... Host unknown (Name server: forme.com: host not found)


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Ralph Greenwood

I see two e-mail addresses on the

formatting link
web site.

I also see you e-mail address listed at whois.networksolutions.com as the owner of bearlock.com.

Both of these are susceptible to spam e-mail harvesting.

I did not bother with trying to find other sources for your address.

The spammers will find your address eventually. The two ways to fight it that I know of are

1) lobby your congresscritter for laws prohibiting spam, even from 'affiliates and business partners' of businesses that you give your address to. 2) Use a spam filter software such as Mcafee's spamkiller.

Good luck,


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Good sugestions but you just cant fight spam.

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Glen Cooper

Please don't give up so easily. As a professional system administrator, I can tell you that you can fight it. I manage a mail system that gets only about 8000 e-mails a day. The proper spam filters and configuration result in over 1000 spam messages a day that do NOT get through. The majority of those messages are destined for the 20 people (out of 500) that made the mistake of signing up for mailing lists or gave their address to one site or another.

I estimate that about 100 spam messages a day do make it through my filters, but that's not too bad. The spammers are NOT winning.

There are many tools available to automagically delete spam from your mailbox. Your ISP may provide tools to do it too.

BTW, Hotmail addresses are freely available to spammers. So are bigfoot addresses. I don't know if they sell them or if there's just a hidden directory. I've set up test mail accounts at yahoo and hotmail and had lots of spam show up there even though it was NEVER used. As a result, I don't do business with MSN or hotmail(which MSN bought).

Sorry about the long off topic post.



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