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I received a few private "thank you" emails for posting this in the context
of another thread. I thought it might be of use to some of you to call
attention to this by starting another thread.
The problem is defined very simply as the distracting and useless "Beavis
and Butthead" routine that Jon and Cliff subject this newsgroup to. The
solution is to use your news reader application to never even see posts
coming from either of them. After this, it will be like they never existed!
Here's how to do it.
The following assumes you are using Outlook Express as your news reader.
Pretty much all readers have similar tools. I'm not sure about reading
through a Google, Yahoo or similar account.
Two ways to do it: rules or blocked senders.
Blocked Sender is the easiest:
Double click on a message from a sender you wish to block. This will open
the message.
Got to the "Message" menu.
Click on "Block sender..."
That's it, messages from that sender will not be downloaded any more.
If you made a mistake and blocked the wrong person:
In the main Outlook Express window, open the Tools menu.
Click on "Message Rules..."
Click on "Blocked senders list..."
You can then remove someone from the block list.
You can also block email as well as news messages from this person.
The "rules" approach is a little different.
In the main Outlook Express window, open the Tools menu.
Click on "Message Rules..."
Click on "News..."
Click the "New" button
Choose "Where the From line contains people"
In section 3 click on the underlined "contains people"
Type the email address in question and add it.
Click OK.
In section 2 choose "Delete it"
There you go, save the rule and never see this guy on your screen again.
You can even use "Apply Now" to run the filter immediately and delete all
instances of messages by the blocked sender.
Let the celebrations begin.
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Using OE, you can take it a step further by ignoring "and/or" hiding entire threads. In OE help, look up "ignoring conversations". One caveat, if you decide to "hide" ignored conversations, you run the risk of missing valuable information in an otherwise hijacked thread. However, in some cases the sound of silence is worth it.
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remy martin
I've done the jon/Cliffy killfile thing based on your instructions and it's wonderful! Thank you!
Them are two clowns are in desperate need of a life.
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Thanks Martin, I was about to go to an entirely different mail system just to do exactly that. Cheers, Bob
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"Martin" a écrit dans le message de news:aSwge.1547$
I've done that for quite a while. Now I still get polluted by those that feed the trolls, and answer to them. Also one of the 2 (they are so much alike to me that I can't remember which) likes to change names, and needs some more adjustment once in a while.
But, sure, that changes life in this NG.
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Jean Marc
I go a few step more in dealing with this:
(1) Jonnie and Cliffie in the bozo bin
(2) Delete msgs crossposted to more than 1 group (gets rid of=20 alt.machines.cnc which J&C often include)
(3) Delete msgs with Jon or Cliff in the msg body (gets rid of *some*=20 troll-feeding)
(3A) If necesssary, plonk posters who just join the J&C chorus and have=20 no other redeeming features
Kinda like killing flies with a shotgun, but it *is* quiet around here=20 :)
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Art Woodbury
I'd also suggest reporting these guys to their ISPs/etc for being off topic/spam/flaming/abuse/etc. Everytime I see JB spouting off in a thread I'm reading on Google I click 'Report Abuse.'
For some reason they don't get it that this is a SolidWorks group and VX disucssions are off topic.
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Also post an abuse at \/\/im
To support this: go to
formatting link
look for the message to complain about and under options, there is the "Report abuse".
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