Mozilla Filters for Dummys like Me

To filter using Mozilla as your news reader. Mozilla 1.7 and later
A. Filtering individual posters
1. Have a message from the poster whom you wish to block or filter open.
2. Put your cursor on the Tool bar.
3. Left click "Messages".
4. Drop down menu appears.
5. Move cursor down the menu to
"Create Filter From Message".
6. Left click "Create Filter From Message".
7. Dialog box labeled "Filter Rules" opens.
8. Move cursor to lower right middle of dialog box
9. Left click OK button.
10. Confirmation screen labeled "Message Filters" appears.
11. Move cursor to upper right corner of confirmation screen labeled
"Message Filters".
12. Left click the "X" in the upper left corner of "Message Filters"
screen. Screen closes,
filter activated. Any NEW messages in that newsgroup from the
sender whom you have blocked will not appear. Old messages
from the blocked sender will remain in the group.
It takes longer to read these directions than to
actually create a filter.
Mozilla's filter structure is very robust. In step 7, above, if you
left click "MORE" on the left side of the
"Filter Rules dialog box, you can create many much more
sohisticated filters, e.g. blocking a message which contains a
certain word in the text; or block all messages that do not begin wit,
say, "RMR" in the Subject line
If you decide thhat you have erroneously created a filter and want to
remove it:
i. Open the usenet newsgroup in Mozilla.
ii. Move cursom to tool bar and Left Click on "Tools".
iii. Drop down appears.
iv. Move cursor to "Message Filters".
v. Left click "Message Filters".
vi. A list of all filters for that newsgroup appears.
vii. Left click once on the filter you want to remove. The filter
will be ighlighted.
viii. Move cursor to "Delete" button on right side of screen. Left
Click "Delete"
ix. Confirmation screen will appear, asking if you want to delete
filter. Left Click "yes" button. Filter deleted.
B. Filtering / Blocking Entire Threads
First, make sure the "Ignore Threads" option is enabled:
1. Get to the list of headers in the newsgroup.
2. Put Cursor on Toolbar, Left Click on "View" pane.
3. Drop Down menu apperars.
4. Left Click "Messages" , additional window appears to the right.
Be sure that "ALL" is clicked in that window.
Next, Ignore, Block, or Filter an entire thread:
1. Be on the screen that lists all headers in the newsgroup.
Have the header for the thread you want to block /
Ignore / Filter highlighted.
2. Left click "Message". Drop down menu appears.
3. Move cursor down the drop dow to "Ignore Thread".
4. Left click "Ignore Thread".
When you ome back to the group after loggig out, the offending hread
will not reappear.
No new messages posted to the thread will appear.
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jJim McLaughlin
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Two other comments on Mozilla.
First, its free. Free is a very good price. Its open source, too.
Second, in Mozilla, the filters can be set up so that within a newsgroup, only messages whose headers contain the "Magic Words" will appear.
Thus, you could set Mozilla up to allow only messages beginning with "RMR".
Post a FAQ once a week for the newbies so that they can confom their posts and you dry up most of the idiot cross posters from "alt.kook" or its equivalents.
I wish someone would write a plug in for Mozilla which would allow filtering / blocking of cross posted messages. A drop down that would allow you to block messages crossposted to 2, 3, 4, 5, or what ever number of groups you pick. Also, allow blocking when ever a post o your grop is also posted o "group.exx", whatever you definethat as, again, for example "alt.kook".
I don't have th talet, knowledge or skill to write such a plug in progra.
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jJim McLaughlin

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