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The ability to remove layer filters exists in 2000 but they must be removed one at a time. If you bring up the layer manager, at the top left is the current layer filter with a down arrow and a triple dot (...) box. Click on the triple dot and a named layer filter menu pops up. Select a layer filter and delete. If you hold the return key down it will delete all the filters one at a time. This can take a long time.

Alternatively, you can run a file converter like ACMECAD and convert the file to the same file type, ie 2000 converted to 2000, and with some versions of the program it will remove the filters. Open the resulting file in acad and save it again and the file will drop in size. However the version of Acmecad is important since some versions do not remove the layer filters, and as usual save to a new name just in case file gets corrupted, and do not remove old file until you test new file thoroughly.

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I would like to know how to delete named layer filters from a Autocad 2000 drawing, It make small drawings soooo big. It seems that Autocad 2006 can delete these filters, but I do not have it.

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