offset to layer

There used to be a lisp routine around at one time that would allow you to
offset to a specified layer and repeated until you were finished.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance..
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see below. (No idea who did it):
(defun C:OFLY () (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (initget 1) (setq wd (getdist "\nOffset Width : ")) (setq ly (getvar "clayer") n 50) (while (> n 0) (setq a (entsel "\nSelect Entity to Offset :")) (setq ent (car a) pt (cadr a)) (setq b (getpoint pt "\nOffset Direction : ")) (command "OFFSET" wd pt b "") (setq c (entlast)) (command "CHPROP" c "" "LA" ly "") (setq col (substr (getvar "cecolor") 1 2)) (if (= col "BY") (command "CHPROP" "L" "" "C" "bylayer" "") (progn (setq col (atoi col)) (command "CHPROP" "L" "" "C" col "") ) ) (setq n (1- n)) ) )
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Michael Bulatovich

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