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Hi all,
I am looking for a Set Layer lisp routine. I would like to be able to click
a layer and the routine to make it current.
Thanks in advance.
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Philip Russell
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If you mean by selecting an object, try ai_molc, the built-in routine.
If you mean by some other method, what exactly do you mean?
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LSET will do that:
(defun c:lset (/ a2 bw l1 l2) (setvar "CMDECHO" 0) (prompt "Select entity on target layer") (terpri) (setq a2 (entsel)) (setq b2 (entget (car a2))) (setq l1 (assoc 8 b2)) (setq l2 (cdr l1)) (command "layer" "s" l2 "") (princ) )
(I don't have any credits for this thing and don't know who wrote it.)
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Michael Bulatovich
AutoCAD already has the "Make Object's Layer Current" button which does that. If you want more features, like turning on or thawing a layer and making it current, try the PRO Menu trial version, at the link below.
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Tim S

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