How do I permanently turn filters off

Every now and then I hit something that turns the selection filters on. I NEVER use these intentionally and would like to disable them permanently. Is there a way to do this? Does anyone know what keyboard shortcut I might be hitting to turn these on?

SWX 2003 SP4

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Mickey Reilley
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I nutoriously turn them on by hitting E when ever I want to zoom fit instead of hitting simply F I still haven't completely broken the ACrud habbit of using Z-Enter-E-Enter. This may be because periodically I still have to do a bit of work in ACrud. If you hit E again or F5 will bring the filter toolbar forward and you can turn it all off there.


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Corey Scheich

I also find that for me a mistaken filter is just about always "e" for edges. Since I toggle "x" all day long, I don't want to disable the filters. I would say we mostly need to fix the fat fingers. ;-)



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Wayne Tiffany

Verry good F6 I really need to find out what all the keyboard shortcuts are.


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Corey Scheich

One of the nice things about using the F6 key is that the toolbar doesn't need to be showing for this to work. It will toggle the filters on and off regardless of whether the toolbar is showing or not. Here's a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

This table lists commonly used default keyboard shortcuts:

Additionally, you can customize the keyboard shortcut keys to suit your style of working.

Action Key Combination

Model Views

Rotate the model:

. horizontally or vertically Arrow keys

. horizontally or vertically 90 degrees Shift+Arrow keys

. clockwise or counterclockwise Alt+ left or right Arrow keys

Pan the model Ctrl+Arrow keys

Zoom in Z

Zoom out z

Zoom to Fit f

Previous View Ctrl+Shift+Z

View Orientation

View Orientation menu Spacebar

Front Ctrl+1

Back Ctrl+2

Left Ctrl+3

Right Ctrl+4

Top Ctrl+5

Bottom Ctrl+6

Isometric Ctrl+7

Selection filters

Filter Edges e

Filter Vertices v

Filter Faces x

Toggle Selection Filter toolbar F5

Toggle selection filters (on/off) F6

File menu items

New SolidWorks document Ctrl+N

Open document Ctrl+O

Open From Web Folder Ctrl+W

Make Drawing from Part Ctrl+D

Make Assembly from Part Ctrl+A

Save Ctrl+S

Print Ctrl+P

Additional keyboard shortcuts

Access online help when in a PropertyManager or dialog box F1

Rename an item in the FeatureManager design tree (this

works for most items)


Rebuild the model Ctrl+B

Force rebuild the model and rebuild all of its features Ctrl+Q

Redraw the screen Ctrl+R

Cycle between open SolidWorks documents Ctrl+Tab

Line to arc/arc to line (sketch mode) a

Undo Ctrl+z

Cut Ctrl+ x

Copy Ctrl+ c

Paste Ctrl+ v

Delete Delete

Next window Ctrl+F6

Close window Ctrl+F4

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Richard Charney

Go to SolidWorks help and search on "keyboard shortcuts" and you'll find a listing for all the defaults.

Dave H

Corey Scheich wrote:

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Dave H

F6 togglesoff all filters (and hitting it again will trun them all back on!). I just trained myself to hit f6 like a cobra striking its prey

To the original question - you can go to tool>customize>keyboard. You can remove preset hotkeys there. The ones you are looking for are under 'others'

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Edward T Eaton

I have assigned another shortcut to the "e" key

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