Spin-off oil filters :-((

We were going up to Leeds this morning with a delivery for Sandiacre and
Immingham as well, but No2 son left a note under our door saying there was a
large puddle of oil under the Movano.
I had a look early on, and indeed there was a trail of drips going out from
where we park and returning later, from where we fed the nags last night.
Investigation for things like loose filler caps and power steering fluid
reservoir caps found nothing, and the oil level wasn't particularly low, so
underneath I went and found the oil filter loose on its threads, enough to be
able to rock it up and down.
I assume it came loose yesterday when we went down to the factory, as we haven't
been near it for some time and the oil level wasn't drastically low so no alarms
would have been raised before this morning's trip.
I have never had a spin-on filter come loose over the years, this is a first for
me, although I have to say I didn't fit it, the last oil change and service was
done by the local dealer, with whom I shall have words tomorrow....
The filter is quite large, about 10" long by 5" diameter and more crucially it
lays horizontally under the engine, so the weight of the oil and the filter is
hanging on the fairly small thread.
I'll check it during the day as the trip goes on just in case we have a faulty
filter. There is the possibility that the van had been vandalised, but I think
it is just a case of not tight enough initially.
Peter & Rita Forbes
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Peter A Forbes
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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just keep an eye on it. It probably hasn't been tightened enough when it was serviced, as some of these filters have to go extremely tight now (not just the usual 'hand tight'). The prime candidate for this was the old transit, which filters were always coming loose (i had to rebuild 2 engines as drivers never bothered to check there oil and never noticed the big pools of oil under there vans). Fords cure was to bring out a special tool, which required the oil filter to be screwed on until the seal touched, and then given a full turn to tighten it. Now you want to try and remove these filters after a year :-(
Moray snipped-for-privacy@btopenworld.com (Change dot to reply)
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Moray Cuthill
Peter, I have a strange one at moment, my rocker cover bolts refuse to stay tight and keep un-doing, I get a warning though, the smell of burning oil as it drips onto the manifold :-))
Martin P
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I think it was just not tightened properly. I screwed it back on as tight as I would normally do it, and we did 400 miles or so yesterday (Derby, Leeds and Immingham) and not a weep anywhere.
Because it is accessed through a panel in the sound deadening cover underneath the vehicle, you can't always get a decent grip on it, so it has to be checked after a while to make sure it is really on there.
When I fit it, I need a chain wrench to get it off again :-))
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Peter A Forbes
They are bolts with locking washers, they are done so tight now I may not get them undone again.
Martin P
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"J K Siddorn" wrote (snip):-
Strange that isn't it but you are quite right - the gear change pedal on my father's Vincent repeatedly worked loose until the bolt holding it on was replaced by the correct stud and nut.
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Nick Highfield
I aquired a web strap+ 1/2 inch drive socket gismo to loosen and tighten oil filters on one of the cars. Now use it all the time.
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