I'm Back

The last year and 1/2 have been very traumatic for me due to a few deaths in my
family, one of them being my father and one being my uncle. Shortly after that
I had to deal with more tragedy, the death of two very close friends all with
in a 4 month span. On top of that, I recently separated from my wife of 20
years. We both just felt it was time needed apart and I needed some time to
just chill for a bit. It hasn't been easy but I managed to keep myself together
during it all.

With my van packed with rocket stuff, I attended this past LDRS and had every
intention to sell all my rocket gear, but when I stepped out of my van and seen
a rocket launch for the first time in almost two years, It brought tears to my
eyes and it was then I decided not to give up too soon.

After hanging out at LDRS it didn't take long to realize that everyone at LDRS
was like my second family and that is what made this hobby so awesome for me.
For everyone who helped me through my tough times, I say thanks. I wouldn't
have came back if it weren't for you all.

While I was at LDRS it didn't take long to get the itch to fly again and spend
some money. After spending some time in vendor row, I couldn't help myself when
I walked by the Booster Works tent and purchased a video transmitter kit from
Art. I'm looking forward to testing it out in my old Loc Bruiser (Hot To Go)
that has 30 flights to this day. I will keep everyone posted on how the flight
worked out with some video on my website soon.

Once again I would like to say thanks to all who made my short stay at this
years LDRS an enjoyable one. I am ready to FLY AGAIN. BUFFROC here I come.

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Ray, when I finally got around to committing to LDRS, I didn't think you were going to be around. Last I saw the BRS guys (July 2003), they alluded that "life stuff" had been taking its toll on you. Rocketry has its place but in the scheme of things, it is a bit down on the list. Since some of whom I consider to be mainstays have moved on as of late, I was figuring you had moved on, too (same for Andy S.).
It was awesome to see you at LDRS. Andy, too. Maybe I'm sentimental but it doesn't REALLY seem like a launch to me without you guys around.
Our condolences to you and yours.
P.S. based on previous schedules, I'm guessing BUFFROC is going to be the first or second weekend of August, no?
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Gene Costanza
I see dead people!
God bless. The people are really good (and zealots).
Even an old fart like me is looking forward to that combo! Bruiser with video. Cool.
Welcome back!
Go tell your wife a few times you love her, let time work out the details.
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Jerry Irvine
I am sorry to hear about the problems in your life. I am happy that you are back. You've been missed.
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Sorry to hear all the bad news.
Welcome back! : )
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Great to have met you Ray, and it's great your back into rocketry again.
Looking forward to your Videos.
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Hey, maybe you can find the time now to dig out my L3 video from your archive.
-Rob Bazinet
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Rob Bazinet

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