First, the disclaimer ... this was my first LDRS (hopefully not my
However, with that out of the way, I wish more people could approach
it from that perspective. I'm more accustomed to small launches
comprised mostly of modrocs on the near pads where families rejoice in
their child's first successful launch of a rocket their father built
for them. Which is worth its weight in gold. But when you wanna fly
and see fly some big boys, you welcome the opportunities whenever they
Having attended the last 4 NYPowers, and having had a great time each
year, LDRS was very cool in my humble opinion. My previous
experiences in NY have been great as well, but LDRS was particularly
enjoyable. Seeing a group of people once a year with whom I get to
share such camaraderie and meeting people I know only from chatting in
ROL make the trip worth the time & energy.
I would take this time to applaud BRS for all the hard work they
obviously put into such a daunting task as LDRS. Considering the
area-specific obstacles and the level of various expectations, I feel
that these guys & gals did a great job! If I didn't say so enough at
the time ... Thank You.
Those who know me know I avoid poitics ... well ok ... not National
politics (they don't call me "Conan the Republican" for nuttin') but
rocketry politics are a major pet peeve of mine. So I won't go into
rocketry politics ... more than I just did. Except for one thing ...
we should all just be grateful for the opportunities in which we might
punch some of our birds into the sky.
As for me, I enjoyed the highlight of the trip early with my L3 cert
flight on the first day. I enjoyed seeing three of my rockets take
their maiden voyages and thrilled at each successful boost. eh hem
.... the landing part I definately still need to work on.
Cave Digger III, my L3 bird, flew fantastically twice and landed
successfully twice. uh ... as for the Sky Ripper, built specifically
for Sky Ripper Systems J motors ... well, let's just say that both the
rocket name and motor name lived up to their billing. Thanks to Todd
Moore(Sky Ripper Systems) I enjoyed a fantastic boost with a great
motor in an untested rocket design; another of my originals. 8 )
Sadly my electronics failed (either that or I failed to do something
correctly) and it landed HARD after free-falling in a flat spin.
My two stage "American Justice" (also an original design) also boosted
in fine fashion on an AMW RR J400 ... however, once again, I had some
difficulty with my recovery. Well ... it wasn't difficult using the
shovel ... but it was difficult putting all the pieces of a cherished
rocket into a plastic EMS bag
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K E Gaillard
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Keith had some nice toys at LDRS but is a quiet and reserved kinda guy. What gets you hootin' and hollerin', Keith, what, Jaegermeister, Tequila, Grappa? :-)>
Cave Digger is your teal rocket, right? That thing's got some howl a coast. Nice work on your L3....
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Gene Costanza
It was my pleasure, Keith. You may have thought you were annoying me (you were not!), but all that chit chat before, during and after construction payed off. Your flight and recovery were text book perfect! Congratulations, Keith!
K E Gaillard wrote:
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Rich Pitzeruse
Dammit!! Knew I was forgetting to thank someone! Thanks to Oscar V. of Star Rocketry for the HT M grain. It was greatly appreciated and most generous. Warm regards, Keith
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K E Gaillard
It was fun. Congrats on the L3. Thanks Oscar(Star Rocketry) for everything. And the second flight on that Red M looked nice too.
But whats on the plate for next year???
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A 6 foot Honest John and perhaps another Sky Ripper Systems rocket ... Todd has 54mm stuff coming soon! heheh
I gotta buy some new electronics too ... dammit.
Keith Gaillard NAR 79942 L3
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K E Gaillard
Speaking of Honest Johns...
I have a source that confirms the rumor of the FULL SCALE Honest John being launched at BALLS this year at BlackRock desert in Nevada. The 4 O motors will produce a mild Q impulse. The warhead, er, eh, electronics package, composition has yet to be determined. :) Rocket is ~28 feet tall, 24in dia. Expected altitude over 12,000 feet.
East Coasters: Please accept this invitation to BALLS, and a chance for us Westerners to return the favor of hosting LDRS and doing such a great job.
Note to Ray: If the first high power rocket you saw launched at LDRS brought a tear to your eye, I bet ya the HoJo will make you... well, let's just say, it might induce other bodily functions.
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be determined.
Then again, sometimes you have to feel sorry for the builders. They must be trying to compensate for something ;-)
What will happen when one lights first?? Will it still be stable under thrust of one motor? Who's camper is targeted????
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Not an option. Ignition will be precise and assured by capable igniters. No. The targeting team is still working on that.
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I understand the HoJo team has had several successful cluster flights using dipped DaveyFire e-matchs augmented with other pyro compositions.
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