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I have encountered a problem in my software pro-e wildfire about the toggle lock of the dimensions When I do the toggle lock the dimensions and then after I will change the dimensions it is gettting changed.

Othe problem regarding the sketcher mode from sketch tool bar there is a option of edge so for that how can i use this option in the sketcher ,, have any idea about it? Telll me please SO please tell me about this why it is happening . Reply me I will be grateful to you.

Thanking you ankit

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I think we may have a language barrier problem.

Once you leave sketcher environment all Locked dimensions revert to Strong dimensions. There is no way to change the behavior. If you are having problems changing dimensions by mistake; (1) be more careful (2) when you Edit Definition a sketch, window select all dimensions, RMB -> Lock (3) create a sketcher Relation so the only way to change them is in Relations dialog.

In sketcher you can ``project'' existing geometry either as Reference (Sketcher References) or Solid (Use Edge) entities.

Hope I've understood the questions.

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Jeff Howard

o mon we have all kinda problem

To amplify, Skether 'Use Edge' is the box icon with a corner darkened. With that icon, you can create geometry directly from other geometry which acts as a reference. A hole on side 'A' can act, through 'Use Edge', as a reference for the opposite side 'C'. When the Sketcher 'Use Edge' is used, a hole center reference is established and the edge reference is copied from side 'A' to side 'C'. So, if the hole on side 'A' moves, so will the geometry on side 'C'. The only disadvantage is overly constrained geometry, too many references, unintended consequences.

David Janes

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David Janes

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