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I'm fairly new to Wildfire 3, hopefully you can help me with a couple of questions.

1) I have modeled a part and would like to try a "What If" with a minor revision without erasing the current model. I revised the part and I don't like this change, how do I go back to the first design? I tried erasing prt.2 trying to open prt.1, but it didn't work, all I open is the latest revision.

2) In the sketcher mode the dimensions are very hard to read. I have a dark blue background and the dimensions are black or a dark gray. Can the color of the font be changed to a lighter color to make easier to read?

3) In a model, can the color of the edges be changed to black or a darker color?

Thank you for all your help.

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My first suggestion, for future reference, is don't erase features when you want to try some design variation; just suppress them, then make the design variation. You can always delete the suppressed features if you really don't want them but getting them back is as simple as 'Edit>Resume All'

Remember, when you're trying to open stuff from disk that you think is different? Pro/e might not think so. If you have the file already in memory (just 'Closed', in the background), Pro/e will go get that before it touches anything on disk, even though it SEEMS like you're opening the file from disk. To be able to open from disk, you have to purge memory by using the 'Erase' icon or if the file is closed, use 'File>Erase>Not displayed'. Also, to go back to an earlier numbered version of a file, it's not necessary to delete the older ones: in the File Open dialog, click on the top right icon (plus sign with down arrow), then select 'All versions' from the list. This will change the file list to show the version numbers; now it's possible to pick and open an earlier version (assuming you've purged memory).

All the screen colors can be changed to taste with 'View>Display Settings>System Colors'. Do this while you're in sketcher so you can see what governs the colors. In mine, with WF2, I needed to change Secondary Preview Geometry(!?!) color to change the dimension/constraint sysmbol color. Also, section geometry color is controlled by Preview Geometry. To save these changes, there's a couple more steps: 1) save or update a file called syscol.scl; put it someplace like your 'Start in' directory and 2) under 'Tools>Options', make sure the option system_colors_file points to your syscol.scl file so that these colors will be loaded each time you open a model or drawing

There's an option called show_shaded_edges that highlights the edges when the model is shaded. This may be what you're looking for. The edge highlighting color may be configurable with System Color interface. Still, it's not an iconized function, such as going from wire frame to hidden line view with the push of a 'button', a fifth icon, to the right of shaded view, like they have in Solidworks. Because you've got to go into the Options menu and change the option, it's regarded as a permanent setting and, for that reason alone, probably isn't used that much.

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