NEWBIE QUESTION: Part to drawing

Im supporting a project and for various reasons they need me to create
drawing files from their part files. Is there an easy way to do this? I
am using Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 and can open the prt files but I am unable
to find an easy way to create drawings for these part files. I
appreciate the help.
Thank you.
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I was able to figure this out with a little bit of playing around. The PTC help documentation is not the easiest to navigate.
sd_eds wrote:
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be nice if the help seekers turned into helpers givers --- so, waju learn!
Mucho agreement here, like they put some random intellectuals that just dig abstract, pointless keyword searches in charge of navigation (god helpus). You think Pro/e is bad, try their website. Finding something with their lame, useless, worthless, aggravating, enervating, time wasting, idiotic online slurch (combo of 'search' and that big, dumb, clumsy, bumbling 'lurch'), you'll find 50 pieces of totally irrelevant junk for one of any use. Seems like, with minimal attention, concern or resources devoted to same, they're trying to hyperbolize the Google Tool Bar (hey, super-proprietary bullsitters! why lamely, comically, idecently insult your USERS with junk!?!). Why not just use the Google Toolbar. I suspect that it's because users would be TOO efficient and quickly bypass their truely lame, limping, lazy, lumbering, cheap, proprietary techasses. You know, for decades they've been making money on proprietary JUNK.......!!!!!!!! Oh, you don't believe me? You never used Makpeys? Or Pro/FABLE? Or material properties (in the 'Edit>Setup' junk)!?! Hey, go on line to efunda or engineer's edge and download something you can use in Pro/e\Mechanica. You can do it in SolidWorks, not in isolationist, super-proprietary, WE'RE-THE-SHIT-SUCK-UP-TO-US Pro/ENGINEER. (one of these days, you guys'll get over yourselves and your self-alleged superiority and wake up to reality: YOUR SUPERIORITY'S BEEN MARGINALIZED, you're hasbeens {fighting to come back, against the odds, could be quite a story}; on that day, USERS will be liberated)
Since WF, they've had a thing called a drawing template which contains a dummy drawing (all views represented, perhaps dimensioning. Maybe someone else could comment.) Never got it to work but it sure sounded enticing. Maybe an extra module I'm supposed to buy? should talk to my sales rep, get into the proprietary, insider's loop, find out who to suck up to, drop some names, schmooze, phony smiles, glad hand...; just one of the boys.....
Davida Janes
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David Janes
oh dear neo, you should have taken the blue pill ;O-)))
Pro/ENGINEER. (one
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