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I'm in the process of transfering 2D autocad drawing to 3D files. I've
got a lot of details to sketch manually in drawing files: details that
cannot be modelised for convenience reasons, personalised tables,
explanation sketches, etc. These details must be added to the 3D views
I insert automatically. I would say that 10% of my drawings must be
sketched directly in the drawing file and cannot be modelised.
I am trying to use the Empty View command but it's not easy because you
have all the relations following.
I also tried the block command wich is also non-practical. I don't need
to re-insert these sketches.
What's the most efficient way to produce sketch directly in the
drawings. Should I consider always inserting autocad sketches?
Is there a way to sketch without getting geometrics relations (more
like Autocad)?
Thanks for any advices.
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To sketch without automatic relations, you could simply turn it off in Tools>Sketch Settings>Automatic Relations. However I don't recommend this. Sometimes you want automatic relations (horizontal line, coincident, etc.) It would be a hassle to manually add each of these to every sketch entity.
Instead, to temporarily disable automatic relations, hold the Ctrl key down as you are sketching.
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Seth Renigar

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