Gear mesh mating

I have multiple gears in my design. Using "gear mates" I can
mate them, but if you've used this, you know that though the gears
"rotate' relative to each other correctly, they do not mesh while
rotating. I've looked at the documentation extensively, as well as
"physical dynamics" and "collision" detection, but haven't found a way
to make the gears mesh while rotating. Has anyone come up with a good
way to do this. I am using SW 2004 - perhaps 2005 has better mates
than this? Any help is appreciated.
I did look at "" - he has an example of this, but it's
for 2001+, and it "breaks" during conversion to 2004 such that I can't
tell waht's going for the mates.
Mike Tripoli
mtripoli - at - hell dot com
BTW - "GearTrax" from Camnetics
formatting link
is excellent for
working on gears. It provides not only everything you could want for
gear design, but you can generate an Excel spreadsheet, it generates
the solid model that you then do whatever you want with, etc. No, I do
not work for them, I paid the $750.00 for it, and it was worth every
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You want to physically drive the gears by the contact of the tooth faces ???
Such a thing is probably "possible" through the API, physical dynamics may provide the building blocks.
The problem is, the computer with enough power to do this in real time hasn't been invented yet. At least not one that will run Solidworks.
Even programs like ADAMS use ratios to analyse mechanisms. Tooth to tooth contact is usually used by FEA to determine loads and such.
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