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> Hello All, > I currently need to convert a file created in the software Form-Z ( >
formatting link
). Up to now I didn't even know this software existed. > > The people I am getting the file from will also be sending the file as a > *.dxf file. Being that I have had less then a year at the controls here, I > do not know what to expect when converting this file. > Does anyone know how to convert one of these files (*.fmz). to soldworks? Or > is it better just to go with the *.dfx conversion?? > > We are using SW2003 SP4, Win2K Pro. > > We will be upgrading to SW2004 as soon as our VAR ships us the disks. (can't > be bothered with the download). Any ideas if this file type might be handled > in 2004?? > > Thanks in advance, > Kevin Scheeringa > > Project Coordinator > R&R Woodwork Inc. > > >

Is the *.dxf 2D or 3D?

2D *.dxf import is supported very well in SWX, but you only get 2D sketches or drawings and no solid geometry (duh).

3D *.dxf files are much more limited both in themselves and in SWX import. I have heard some *.dxf files contain 3d data in acis format. If so, SWX may be able to import a solid body (not certain of any of this though).

Can this Form-Z export anything else? Parasolid is the best bet for compatibility. Otherwise, STEP, ACSIS, and IGES are other 3D formats that SWX will handle.

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Have your client send you the files in .SAT (Acis) format. This is a supported export format from FormZ.

2D dxf is useless for conveying a complex 3D shape. 3D dxf isn't supported by SW directly, and doesn't contain any usefull data anyway.



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