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We are trying hard to import 3D models from our client who is working with PDMS. From PDMS he can only produces Microstation files dgn. From Microstation, he have a lot of possibilities to export the files: sat, IGES, vrml... Is somebody have experience on this particular problem of gateway. Thank you in advance


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In the following order are the normal practical choices for transferring 3D data from a non-SW platform to SW. They are given in the order of desirability.


Certain proprietary formats also can be used:

UG Pro/E (restrictions on version) DXF/DWG for 2D

Otherwise you will have to use a service bureau.

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Microstation 3d is based on the Parasolid Modelling Engine just like Solidworks so use the export as Parasolids option in Microstation.

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