please look into this problem

I am drawing a rectangle and saving as abc.sec, then i am opening a
new file in sketcher mode then when i am importing the sketch>data
from file option 'abc.sec' the snap point is middle of the
But i want the snpping point to be a corner of the rectangle. How to
do it? can any body help me?
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In WF3 when you select 'sketch>data from file' you can click the point on the screen to import the sketch. After importing, with the RMB you can 'drag' the center of the sketch to a new position and with the LMB you can 'drag' the sketch position. In WF2 when you select 'sketch>data from file', the sketch is imported directly into your new sketch file in scale 1:1.
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hi friend you can solve this problem by drawng two references on both the ends and drawing refe. on both of the edges u can will get it centralised and it will sit in the centre of the both the planes ok.
regards, harish.p
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harish padavalkar

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