vista & wf2 or 3

Does someone have experienced using Windows Vista (final release) with ProE
Is it ok for working or it's better to wait with XP ?
(It's for a new notebook probably base on Opteron processor)
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g. bon
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The only thing I've heard about it relates to its reluctance to support OpenGL and its push to get everyone lined up behind DirectX drivers (though OGL is supported, however reluctantly). The other thing I've heard it that drivers of all types are still a problem. It's still pretty new, so things like printers may not be supported with Vista drivers. There must be tools, though, to let you run your current system through an upgrade wizard to tell you about compatibility issues!
David Janes
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David Janes
I wrote a little blurb about my time with vista on my blog, I'd retype it here, but its too long, give it a read... I can tell ya we are waiting for vista to mature before we move anything to it...
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