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well i cant type again. !
what i was trying to say is this makes me want to run out and install it on my machine.
I never considered installing this, to use with SW for at least 1-2 yrs. I can only imagine how it will slow things down and the crashes it will cause.
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No doubt a lot of people, like yourself, will want to install it out of curiosity. I'm not trying to be another MS basher, that's easy. Vista really is slow and yes, it's new and it's early,... blah blah,... but anybody who has been working with OS's long enough, what changes, performance wise, is going to be HARDWARE RELATED, period! Vista is cute but is NOT worth it for production use! It's really not a joke, I've recorded 2X slower rebuilds using it and I have not seen any increases using it. And, yes, I've crashed Vista. Was I surprised? NO.
Also, seriously, anybody who has installed sexy or copies of vista msstyle themes for xp, there is really not a lot of differences. And as for security, that is the biggest bunch of marketing crap! I guarantee you, some 14 year old is going to get into your vista machine by the end of the year.
It's just hilarious knowing the most americans (capitalist sheep) have enuf $ in there pocket to buy vista just because they can say to their friends and family that they have it!?!?!
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Paul Salvador
I'm going to be watching my buddy deal with Vista over the next few weeks. For starters he has the Business edition and it only takes up 18Gb on his hard drive. He said that some things were faster and some slower than XP but he was primarily playing internet games until it died. It died while he was defragging the hard drive which he says goes painfully slow. Apparently his mobo took a dump, so he put another in and almost has all the drivers needed to get it going. Only the sound driver is now missing.
I'll have to stop over when he has it going and see it for myself.
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Bob Zee, if that is not enough, take a real hard look at what VISTA's new security offers, uh humm..., or does NOT offer. Lots of that writers points are new to me.
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In addition to everything else, it has been widely noted that the Search feature only applies to finding files in folders that Uncle Bill & Uncle "Chair Thrower" Ballmer want us to search in, & NOT the whole hard drive. It is obvious neither Billy Gates or Stevie Ballsmer has ever used the search function in Mac OS X, ever.
What a piece of c..p!
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